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Born Grown
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From Widowhood To Womanhood"
Written by
Minister Mary Edwards


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Faith: Use It Or Lose It!
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Pick up any morning newspaper, turn on the local or worldwide news, listen to the conversations of your family, friends, and associates, and you will know that there is a whole lot of shaking going on. People are fearful.
No one wants to be reminded that millions have lost their jobs, billions of dollars have been lost in the stock market. Hundreds of thousands of homes have been foreclosed. Countries are warring against each other. Homicides are happening every minute. And trillions of dollars for our future have been spent. What do we do? Are there options? Indeed, there are. Here's two:
First, pick up your Bible and read Hebrews 11 about faith. Then, pick up a copy of Minister Mary Edwards' new book, Faith: Use It or Lose it!
In her book, published by Leaves of Gold Consulting, LLC, Edwards gives insightful help on how to obtain, maintain, and increase one's faith. Topics include:

  • What is Faith?

  • Why have faith in God

  • Levels of Faith

  • Faith Killers

  • Dealing with weariness, wrong attitudes, trust, patience, discipline, joy and prayer

  • The book concludes with testimonies written by men and women who have in the past and continue to walk by faith and not by sight.

    Edwards has had first-hand experience in all of  the areas she writes about. A seasoned writer, widow, and ordained minister, her writings always have been transparent, easy to read, and applicable. She openly shares with her readers how they can survive and thrive, insight of the many challenges facing us today.

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    Ordained minister Mary Edwards tells her personal story of struggle and victory with honesty, compassion, and courage. She speaks of how she missed her childhood due to abuse and teen pregnancy. She chronicles a failed first marriage that paved the way for her successful 21-year marriage to Rev. Eddie Edwards, Founder of Joy of Jesus Ministries—and the powerful ministry partnership that helped revitalize communities and bring spiritual deliverance. She goes on to sensitively describe his passing and the inspiration that led her to continue and expand her ministry to families, women, writers, and now specifically to widows.

    Most importantly, Mary explains, using the example of her own family, the devastating effect of generational curses—and encourages all who labor under them with hope that they can stop the damaging cycle and begin a tradition of generational blessing.

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    Transition:  From Widowhood To Womanhood
    by Minister Mary Edwards

    $18.25 Including S&H

    When you think of the word, "Widow," what comes to your mind? Many people, including some widows themselves, think of the words: lonely, poor, dependent, pitiful, a loser.
    In this 89-page resource handbook, Minister Edwards will help you change your mind and get on with your life.
    Contains testimonies from nine widows who have done so, 20 tips for helping you make your transition from widowhood to a new you.

    Including S&H

    Ponderings From the Heart of Mary
    $12.95 Including S&H

    Modern-day parables and inspirational essays from the life of Minister Mary Edwards with practical applications that will encourage, inspire, and convict the reader to walk in step with God’s word.  Each essay deals with a different aspect of life that will challenge you to evaluate your choices, deepen your commitment to Christ, and encourage you to use your own sphere of influence to make a positive difference in the lives of others. 117 pages

    Readers say...I just wanted to let you know that your book "Ponderings from the heart of Mary" is so awesome! To God be the glory! I have been reading it and it is one of the most encouraging books that I have ever read. Also, my mother came over to baby sit and she saw the book on the table and began to read it, she really enjoyed it also! I truly appreciate your wisdom and experience. Thanks for being obedient to voice of the Lord and writing the ponderings of your heart.  I am so grateful to have met you. You are such a blessing.  Renita

    Including S&H

    At His Feet
    by Minister Mary Edwards

    $12.95 Including S&H

    Inspirational essays by Minister Mary Edwards that will encourage, inspire, and convict the reader to walk in step with God’s word. Each essay deals with a different aspect of life that will challenge you to evaluate your choices, deepen your commitment to Christ, and encourage you to use your own sphere of influence to make a positive difference in the lives of others. 117 pages.


    We all have a story, what's yours?
    If you would like to share your story to help uplift, encourage and to motivate; please
    email me and shortly after your story may appear on this website.
    Thank you in advance.
    Please keep it short if possible.

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