There are more than 13.7 million widowed persons in the United States, over 11 million of these being women. 

(American Association of Retired Persons 2001)

In 2004 Dr. Mary Edwards began her widowhood journey after the passing of Rev. Eddie K. Edwards, founder of Joy of Jesus Ministries on the eastside of Detroit. One month later she established Widows With Wisdom (WWW) Ministries. Since that time, she has supported hundreds of widows through this organization. 

In addition to helping other widows, she has written ten books, plus her autobiography "Born Grown." In 2007, she took another quantum leap and launched her book publishing business, Leaves of Gold Consulting, LLC. It is easy to see that she hasn't sat around playing the role of the "Weeping Widow." Even though she enjoyed her 21 year marriage to the distinguished Rev. Edwards, you will often hear her say, "He's gone, but I'm still here and I can do GOOD by myself." Indeed, she has.

Discover WHO YOU ARE! You are more than a widow! 
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Widows are one of the most under-served populations in the world.