Widows with Wisdom

On July 25, 2004, I, Dr. Mary Edwards, became the widow of Rev. Eddie K. Edwards, founder and president emeritus of Joy of Jesus Ministries in Detroit. The day after the funeral I found myself standing in the middle of my living room asking myself (or God), “What do I do now?” I had so many questions and so few answers. I'm sure the reply to my question was from God because He called me by name:

“Mary, I want you to start a ministry for widows such as yourself. It shall be called, “WIDOWS WITH WISDOM.”

In August 2004, “Widows With Wisdom” (WWW) was launched in my living room.

To date we have touched the lives of countless widows. They have either attended our monthly meetings or have had contact with us by telephone or Internet. They are from all parts of the country and the world. Many have asked about the possibility of starting their own support group. There are 147,000 widows in Michigan alone. Please know that I am willing and available to help you launch this very critical outreach. You can reach me by phone: (313) 744-MARY (6279) or by email: mary@widowswithwisdom.org.

We have a resource handbook for widows called, "TRANSITION: FROM WIDOWHOOD TO WOMANHOOD." This dynamic tool contains information and testimonies from widows who are in the process of moving FROM WIDOWHOOD TO WOMANHOOD.

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